Residential Consultancy

All investment decisions are based upon information, market analysis and risk assessment.

Discerning developers are too astute to rely upon the superlatives used by prospective investment locations, all of whom claim to be ‘the best.’

Not even bullish economic data sourced from local authorities, development agencies and property firms can provide a full picture of potential growth.

What developers, large or small, really need is reliable information from someone who has such a deep understanding of a place and its property market that they can ‘feel’ what the market is doing and what prospective clients are thinking.

In Bradford, West Yorkshire, the leading company with intuitive feeling for the property market is Squarefoot Apartments, specialists in the sale of contemporary apartments in the BD1 postcode area.

Squarefoot’s experienced team know the Bradford market like the back of their hand.    Our valuations depend on accuracy and intelligent interpretation of market trends and in-depth knowledge of client expectations.

This expertise is now available through Squarefoot Consultancy, a specialist advisory service offered to companies wanting advice on the Bradford City Centre residential market.

Investment decisions are too important to be made without due diligence.

To arrange an initial discussion, call 01274 392 971 or email invest [at]